Whole30 Post Baby Changes!

I first met Nina when she started training in my Fit 2 Be Wed Bridal Boot Camp in 2013(see Nina kicking butt in purple on the TRX below). She was motivated, hard working, and ready to see results. She is still the same girl but as they say, life happens! Nina welcomed her son in December 2014 and has been a busy, working Mom ever since. We all fall off track at different times in our lives but getting back on track and asking for help and support is often what we need. After talking to Nina, it seemed like she needed to refocus on eating healthy and nutritious foods. I was happy Nina reached out to me and I encouraged her to try my Whole30 focus group that kicked off January 4. Please read below for her personal experience on Whole30.


After the birth of my sweet baby boy, I was feeling self conscious and reached out to Priscilla for some guidance. I had tried “dieting” mixed with T-25 but something was still missing. Priscilla suggested I try Whole30 with her and at first I was a little hesitant but I jumped in putting my trust in her…..I do not regret my decision! After trying Whole30, I am more aware of what I am putting in my body and how it will affect me.

I am not going to lie, it IS tough and it IS a commitment but it’s NOT impossible! Don’t get me wrong, I cheated and had that day when I “needed” Chic-fil-a, a slice or two of pizza, or that creamy pasta with melted mozzarella. BUT after eating these foods I noticed what they were doing to me-I was feeling sluggish, bloated, and fatigued. When I was following Whole30 recipes I noticed that when eating clean I have more energy, a positive attitude, and just overall feel healthier. I get home from work with more energy to do things around the house and work out! AND an added bonus Dylan (now almost 14 months) loves the recipes and being that it is clean, I know it is safe and he can have any/all of the foods I am making! One of the biggest changes I made during this process was drinking black coffee! I once said that I could NEVER drink black coffee (yuck!) but I feel so much better drinking black coffee now in the morning rather than starting my day with the 2 Splenda and cream. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and I actually enjoy it!

Overall, I am so happy and believe this is something that is going to help me for years to come. I have learned that I need to plan ahead and it can be done! I actually feel more prepared for the week now knowing ahead of time and have less slip ups for unhealthy eats! Thank you P!!!! My positive attitude will help me to be a better Mommy and have more energy to run around with D! I am now getting closer to where I want to be post baby and have more confidence that I can get there


Nina’s results are awesome! She lost a total of 12 inches in 30 days! You may look at these results and say well she didn’t lose much weight. No you’re right she didn’t. Nina combined Whole30 with strength training.  Muscle weighs more than fat. Her weight didn’t change but her body did! Nina noticed the change in her energy, mood, and how her clothes fit. Get off the scale and focus on how you FEEL. We are what we eat and the most important thing about Nina is that she has changed her habits and has now seen how food impacts her body. In order to see changes in our bodies we can’t do what we’ve always done.

January 8, 2016 – Weight 157 lb.

Biceps-12.17 in. (R) 12.20 in. (L)
Thighs-24.24  in. (R) 24.88 in. (L)
Waist-36 in.
Bust-39.5 in.
Hips-42 in.

February 8, 2016 – Weight 154 lb.

Biceps- 11 in. (R) 11 in. (L)
Thighs-22.44 in. (R) 22.83 in. (L)
Waist- 33 in.
Bust- 36 in.
Hips- 41 in.

My next Whole30 group kicks off February 29th.  This program includes weekly meal plans, grocery shopping list, daily motivation, and online support group. For an additional $50 you can also purchase an exercise plan which includes strength and metabolic workouts. If you are interested in signing up for my next Whole30 focus group please contact me by Facebook or e-mail at wellnesswithpriscilla@gmail.com


What’s in my gym bag?

Happy Monday! These are my gym bag must haves of the moment.  You will love the on trend colors and great fits. I find myself digging these out of my drawer day after day. My Swell bottle is always in my hand or within reach and my drink is always cold.



Nike Women’s Lotus Epic Run Tights – High waist band and snug fit. You won’t be pulling these up during your workout because they don’t move! Leopard print makes me love them even more. Now on sale too!

Shop here: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lululemon Wild Tank – This feminine tank top is super light weight and has a built in bra.  You will want one in every color.

Shop here:Lululemon

Swell Bottle – Obsessed with this bottle. Water stays cold for 24 hours and hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours. Need I say more? Super cute Valentine’s Day print available now for the ones you love.

Shop here: Swell Bottle

Happy Shopping,


Holiday Fitness Gifts

My christmas list always has my latest fitness obsessions and now I’ve created a list of some of my favorite items that are perfect for the fitness fanatics in your life! Hope this helps your holiday shopping!

Water Infusion Pitcher – I have one and use it every single day.

High-Rise Wunder Under – I love this legging in and out of the gym. Wear with a workout top or layer with a sweater and boots for a relaxed but chic look. My favorite leggings!

Apple Watch – Listen to your music, track your workouts, monitor your heart rate, check your texts, and beyond.

Mesh Energize Tank – Super comfortable and stylish. I have this tank in three colors! Can’t get enough of them.

Tiger Tail – Awesome for massaging sore muscles and getting out knots. I use this for pre and post workout.

Swell Bottle – I got this as a Christmas gift last year and love it! It keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and keep it hot for 12 hours. Need I say more?

Bumble and bumble Dry Shampoo– Perfect when you don’t have time to shampoo post workout. A must have for any gym bag.

Wellness with Priscilla Gift Cards – Give the gift of health! It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Message me for details!

Happy Holidays,


Dad Bods are REAL!

New moms according to a new study aren’t the only parent who has gained weight. A new report published in the American Journal of Men’s Health found that new dads also put on some “baby weight.”

Men who become fathers experience weight gain and an increase in body mass index, a measurement of body fat based on height and weight, according to a new, large-scale study that tracked more than 10,000 men over a 20-year period. Men who didn’t become dads actually lost weight over the same time period.

The findings by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine were published Tuesday in the American Journal of Men’s Health. Researchers describe the study on fatherhood and young men’s BMIs as the first of its kind.

“Fatherhood can affect the health of young men, above the already known effect of marriage,” lead author Craig Garfield, a Northwestern associate professor, said in a release. “The more weight the fathers gain and the higher their BMI, the greater risk they have for developing heart disease as well as diabetes and cancer.”

Weight gain differed for dads who lived with their children (“resident dads”) and those who didn’t. First-time resident dads experienced an average 2.6 percent increase in their BMIs over the study period. Non-resident dads experienced 2 percent increase. That translates to a 4.4 pound weight gain for a 6-foot-tall dad who lives with his child and a 3.3 pound weight gain for a non-resident dad. Meanwhile, a similar 6-foot-tall man who had no kids? He lost 1.4 pounds.

The BMI increase may be the result of lifestyle changes, researchers said.

“You have new responsibilities when you have your kids and may not have time to take care of yourself the way you once did in terms of exercise,” Garfield said. “Your family becomes the priority.”

Starting in 1994, BMI measurements were taken of 10,253 men at four different stages in life, ranging between early adolescence and the early 30s. While BMIs generally change over time as men age, the way these men’s changed depended on whether they were dads.

Fitness Tips for Dads:

  1. Workout even if you are tired. Running on empty? Even if its a 10 minute walk, do it. It will help boost energy and regain your sanity.
  2. Set Goals. Write them down and check them off as you complete them. Win!
  3. Find a  workout buddy to keep you accountable.
  4. Workout for 30 minutes. You can get A LOT done in 30 minutes.

Keep Moving and eliminate the Dad Bod!


20 Minute Bridal Workout – As Seen on WBAL

This workout is the total body workout that will have you sweating for the wedding in no time. Use a timer and complete 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Repeat circuit 4 times. Twenty minutes and you are done!

1. Squats with Kettlebell High Row – Start with feet shoulder width apart. Sit back as if you were sitting in a chair. Let kettlebell hang between legs. As you stand up, drive weight through heels and pull kettle bell up just below the chin leading with your elbows.

2. Hip Lifts or Single Leg Hip Lift – Lay on back with legs bent. Drive weight through heels as you lift hips off of mat. If performing single leg float one leg up. If you perform single leg repeat for thirty seconds on each side.

3. Plank – Bend your elbows and rest your weight onto your forearms. The body should form a straight line from your head to your toes. Engage the core by bringing your belly button in towards your spine and hold.

4. Spiderman Push-up – Assume the standard pushup position. As you lower your body toward the floor, lift your right foot off the floor, swing your right leg out sideways, and try to touch your knee to your elbow. Reverse the movement, then push your body back to the starting position. Repeat, but on your next repetition, touch your left knee to your left elbow. Continue to alternate back and forth.

5. Burpees  – Begin in standing position and drop down into squat position with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into plank position. Immediately return your feet to squat position and stand up.

Good Luck!


My Five Ingredient Fix!

Who says eating can’t be fast, yummy, and healthy? Not me! This is my go to lunch right now and I look forward to it everyday. All you need is to stop at Trader Joe’s and order your Tessemae’s online or at Whole Foods. So easy it’s awesome!



  • Tessemae’s Cracked Pepper Dressing
  • Trader Joe’s Broccoli Slaw
  • Trader Joe’s Cruciferous Crunch(packed with shredded kale, green cabbage, red cabbage, and brussels sprouts)
  • Trader Joe’s Just Chicken
  • diced grape tomatoes.

Heat a small amount of olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the broccoli slaw, diced grape tomatoes, cruciferous crunch and drizzle until desired with cracked pepper dressing. Cook until veggies start to turn bright green. Add chicken and cook until warmed through. Enjoy!


Outdoor Fit Body Bootcamp is back for Spring 2015!

Interested in training and ready to get outdoors? OUTDOOR FIT BODY BOOTCAMP is the answer! This program is designed to help you gain strength, cardio endurance, flexibility, loose weight and improve body composition. Classes are 40 minutes in length and are infused with circuit training, strength work, and high intensity metabolic training. Be prepared to work hard and see results!
WHEN: MARCH 31st through MAY 5th. Six weeks and we will meet once a week.
WHERE: TUESDAYS at 5:20PM at Bestgate Park
TUESDAYS at 6:20PM at Broadneck Park
PRICE: Before March 20th – $54
AFTER March 20th – $66
***TO SIGN-UP e-mail wellnesswithpriscilla@gmail.com*****







Client Spotlight: Meet Alex!

Alex began training two years ago when she came to me looking to tone up, lose weight, and develop a habit of sticking to an exercise program. We set goals, met them, and continue to develop new ones. Since Alex started training she has gotten engaged and is now focusing on looking her best when she walks down the aisle in May! Alex is dedicated, hard working, and brings positivity to every workout. She recently completed her second round of Whole 30 in January and did awesome! Keep reaching for the stars Alex! SO proud of you! January Whole 30 Results Weight Lost: 6 lbs Bust: 1.5 inches Waist: 2.5 inches Hips: 1 inch Thighs: 1 inch Biceps: 1 inch 10712693_782525565143905_7943117822168570488_n 10653340_763464817049980_3347502514452288106_n Alex working out with her mom Glynis. image1 Pull-up time! image2 Toning up in outdoor boot camp!

Density Strength Circuit

Happy Thursday!

It’s no secret that I love density circuits. It’s a combination of strength and metabolic work that will have you sweating in no time. Below are five exercises that should be performed back to back in a ten minute time period.  Try to do as many sets as possible within that ten minute time span. You can make this as challenging as you like by increasing weight and decreasing rest between each exercise.  All you need is a timer and dumbbells or kettlebells! Remember no one ever got fit using 5 pound weights so go heavy.

Set your timer for ten minutes and begin. Perform 8 reps on each exercise and move on to the next. Repeat as many times as possible until your timer goes off.

1. Push-ups – If you haven’t mastered this movement on your toes then perform on your knees. Make sure your bootay isn’t in the air!


2. Goblet Squat


3. Three Point Dumb Bell Row


4. Single Leg Hip Lift


5. Walking Overhead Lunge


Have a great workout!