Change it UP!

Have you been eating the same thing week after week? Try mixing up your diet with these secrets and achieve your weight loss goals. 


Our palates are designed for variety. We are more satisfied with a variety of textures, colors, and tastes. When you eat the same thing week after week it makes us more likely to splurge on things just for the sake of change. Eating the same thing makes us less likely to obtain complete nutritional value received from a variety of foods. Food should supply us with a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Try New Places

It’s summer and now is the best time to shop local farmer’s markets. Find vegetables and fruits that are in season and fresh. If you find a food you don’t normally eat try them. Even buying spices from local ethnic markets can take grilled chicken from boring to spicy and exciting. Experiment with new foods and flavors!

Try a Class

Find a friend and take a class! Cooking classes are becoming more and more popular. Whole Foods Annapolis and Anne Arundel Community College each have a selection of healthy cooking classes.

Update the Classics

Eating the same thing can get boring if you always use the same ingredients. Trying new ingredients in meal staples can take your favorite foods to the next level. Use avocado instead of mayo, add mushrooms to your burger. Experiment!

Rediscover New Foods

  • Instead of peanut butter try almond butter
  • Instead of apples try kiwi
  • instead of spaghetti try spaghetti squash
  • instead of brown rice try black rice

Have a great week,





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