Latest Obsession: BEETS!

I was looking for a way to spice up my salads and decided to try adding beets! I’m pretty much obsessed now. They are even yummy with scrambled eggs! They are packed with folate and betaine. These two nutrients work together to lower your blood levels of homocysteine, an inflammatory compound that can damage your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease. Plus, the natural pigments—called betacyanins—that give beets their color have been proved to be potent cancer fighters in laboratory mice. The betalains in beets has been used in certain treatments of depression. It also contains tryptophan, which relaxes the mind and creates a sense of well-being, similar to chocolate. One of the first known uses of beets was by the ancient Romans, who used them medicinally as an aphrodisiac. As you can see beets have many awesome benefits!



This is a yummy salad I made for dinner. Spinach, beets, roasted butternut squash, cucumber, and grilled chicken salad. YUM!

The best way to eat beets is fresh and raw, not from a jar. Heating beets actually decreases their antioxidant power so if you are roasting make sure to keep it under an hour. They are great for juicing too!

Don’t forget to eat your beets!



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