Ring, Ring…it’s the gym calling.

Is your cellphone controlling your workout? We have all been guilty of this. Think of the time you waste checking texts, Facebook, and cruising the internet a day. You will still be able to check all of your apps post workout. Put down the phone and increase the intensity!

Researchers from Kent State University interviewed 305 college students about their cellphone use and physical activity. The people who spent the most time using their phones were the least active—even though half of highest-frequency users said that their smartphone addictions didn’t make them move any less.

In the second part of the study, 49 of the students took a cardiovascular fitness test. Not surprisingly, those who used their phones the most were also the least physically fit.

The more time you spend on your phone, the less time you have to do other things, including exercise—unless, of course, you use your phone at the gym. Past research shows that people run faster on a treadmill when they use their cell phones to listen to music—but that doing anything else on it will likely slow you down. Don’t let your phone run your life. Put down the cell phone and get moving!

Happy Hump Day,


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