Workplace Weight Gain


The photo above is a group of co-workers that I train who work out Tuesday and Thursdays in their office parking lot in Annapolis.

The workplace is filled with people trying to lose weight. However, desktop candy cars and workplace socials will have you indulging in more calories than you need. Don’t sabotage your success in the gym with mindless social eating. Here are a few tips to help keep you on track both in and outside your office.

1. Put a lid on the goodies. When there are office socials choose snacks or fruits that are healthy.

2. When dining out with a co-worker split portions.

3. Avoid desktop dining. If you are sitting at your desk snacking make sure you are munching on fruit, nuts, and healthy options. Remember to drink water which will help keep you full between meals.

4. Exercise on your lunch hour. Keep a pair of sneakers under your desk and get out for a 30 minute walk. It will help you burn calories and get your focused for the rest of the work day.

5. Find co-workers who also want to exercise and start your own class or boot camp. There are many training options for groups and it is less expensive than one-on-one training. You are also more likely to stay motivated and accountable if you are participating with friends.

Happy Hump Day,


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