39 Day Craze!

Wow! I have been really bad about blogging lately because I have honestly been so busy. We are in the final stretch with just over a month to go. Between work, last minute details, and running around the days keep on flying by. John and I have been really focused on enjoying this last month of our engagement and all the excitement of these final days. 

This past weekend, I had my second dress fitting and it was a success. I always feel a flash of nervousness right before I put the dress on in fear it may not fit. I feel like this is pretty normal for most girls. I could totally feel a difference since the last time I slipped it on. One of my goals was really to get my eating in check with the paleo diet and I have stuck to it consistently except during my bachelorette party(oh hey, late night snacks). During the fitting the seamstress told me not to lose anymore weight. Losing weight has never been my goal it was more about building muscle and eating clean. Since, I started paleo in August I have lost a total of seven pounds. I think this is the perfect example of how eating is a huge component of losing weight. You can work out like a crazy person but if your diet is not where it needs to be you will never lose weight. Once you dial in the diet you start to see results. It’s amazing what cutting processed foods and dairy can do for your body. I am pretty happy with my progress so far and am going into the last month focused on core and arm work. It’s all about setting goals, staying focused, and working hard! 





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