Weekend Workout Tips


This weekend is the Chesapeake Bay Bridal Show at the Annapolis Maritime Museum and Fit 2 Be Wed will be there! If you’re in the Annapolis area try to stop by from 2 to 5 PM. There will be tons of great vendors and giveaways. I certainly understand that weekends can be busy but they shouldn’t keep you from sticking to your diet and exercise plan. Here are a few tips to keep you committed on your weekends.

1. Turn workout time into play time. Weekends give you the opportunity to head outdoors and try new things. Go kayaking, hiking, or bike on an outdoor trail.

2. Make it social. Exercise is always fun with friends. Instead of going to the movies get your friends together for bowling, golfing, or rock climbing.

3. Set goals. If you want an active weekend, plan one! Try a fitness class that is only offered on the weekends and do it every Saturday for a month. Walk for an hour every Sunday evening. Set your goal and be committed!

4. An occasional night out isn’t going to set you back. If you do break your diet and fitness routine every weekend it will get in the way of your goals. Who wants to work out after eating too much or drinking all night? No one. Make sure to eat healthy, catch up on sleep, and drink lots of water.

Have an awesome weekend!


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